Global markets reeling because of fears from Italian bonds

Italians income descended to levels of 27 years ago

Recorded declines in global equity markets yesterday after the group went to the Italian bond yields 6.7%, its highest level since the birth of the euro, which fell subsequently significantly against the dollar.

And brightest high yields Italy fears that the European Summit held last week have made little progress to contain the debt crisis in the euro area. The euro fell to 1.3037 dollars from 1.3057 dollars around before the announcement of the results of the Italian bond auction. But the single currency has remained above the lowest level in 11 months of 1.3005 dollars reached earlier in the session.

Focused the attention of investors on the movements of agency Standard & Poor’s sovereign ratings on the euro zone after it had ratings 15 countries in the region under review with the possibility of reduction. The Standard & Poor’s said last week it expects to finish the review at the earliest time after the EU summit last week.

Dropped most of the indicators against the background of the Asian stock losses in U.S. trading Friday on Wall Street Stock Exchange in New York following the decision of the U.S. Federal Reserve to keep interest rates near zero levels, which frustrated the hopes of investors that were related to the decisions of the movement of market recession.