Global markets (Goods) beyond the harsh February

Global markets (Goods) beyond the harsh February

After the difficulties suffered by the goods during the last two weeks of February this week saw the return of a good many of them.

The danger with orientation is the same who took moving and improving trends in the market with a borrowed money at low interest rates in the first place in the equity markets, while the prices of bond markets basic Germany and the United States has returned to what it was due to signs of economic recovery have begun to take hold and pay concerns about currency wars and the debt crisis to be included on the agenda.

The unemployment rate fell in the United States to the lowest level in the past four years due to the development of 236 thousand jobs during February, which gave new impetus stock but cause additional problems for the precious metals.

The deaths raised Hugo Chavez is a lot of speculation about whether Venezuela will open again to foreign investment and when it will be, which may help them to take advantage of the largest known oil reserves and raise their production, which fell by almost a third during the past ten years.

While predicted futures market that currently sells Brent Mzejeha about $ 91 per barrel in 2020, issued the OECD economic forecast of very interesting this week that the price rises to $ 190 per barrel, raising expectations more than meets the energy agencies other. The organization cited increased demand in emerging economies such as China and India, producers will not be able to respond to them, despite the natural decline in demand derived from the better use.