Glitter gold lays out the century!

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Is it possible to hit a major crisis of the world economic system and financial, while not yet recovered from the effects of cosmic crisis which had its repercussions America and spread to Europe was soon cast a shadow on the dark corners of the globe?

Then what happens after that heals my world itself and reflects the crisis that did not exclude a large company or a bank or a giant cross-border institution?

Scenarios are numerous, and perceptions vary according to the point, which starts from her, but something like a consensus about a revolution in the parameters of economy of the future, the center of different features of the scene of international, including the extinction of superpowers sense current and the emergence of a multipolar system, leading thus to the monetary system to last as well, a world in front of two options: a tripartite system of currencies: dollar, euro, the yuan, more than any three currencies of economies by the second quarter of the 12th century, the United States, European Union, China, or an alternative formulation of a consensus on a new global currency.

If there is a precedent against which to measure, are as so-called »Special Drawing Rights« issued by the International Monetary Fund in the sixties of the last century, there is a trend to return gold to the heart of the scene once again, that the principle approved by the major industrialized countries in 4491, and the judge to abide by the gold standard as a global standard to achieve global stability of currencies.
Once again, began to pay many gold glitter around the world return to the gold standard, but that there are those who went further than that, especially with the gradual decline of the dollar’s dominance.
Gold itself, why not be the currency for trading?

World Try sterling which had a cover of gold, then the dollar, which the term relates to gold quickly, no longer backed by anything more than just the orders by the U.S. government, but that only served to print the papers banknotes without an account, has exacerbated the debt, and offered the world to crises financial, economic, and put humans in the wind!
The recent crisis was the closest to the financial tsunami and economic thinking paid off a strong return to the gold standard, and even to the adoption of gold as currency!
Changes are more volatile in the value of the dollar on the one hand, and rise of China on the other hand, the insistence of Europe to continue its unity cash from a third party pour appeared in box-specific: The Search for the best alternative for a new global currency, and may be on everyone when they search for the formulation of monetary system cooperative, the inevitability of thinking in the use of gold as a standard of value, the circumstances may be unprepared, right now, but when it comes to the future, this becomes a trend that would avoid a lot of mistakes and the risk of suffering the world over the decades.
Perhaps the experience that started the end of the year 1102 of Switzerland – and specifically its stock exchange – using gold for the services provided, means the operation of gold as a currency altogether, but that it is within the scope of this system will be the owning account is denominated in gold, like any other account in dollars or euro, and of course the Swiss franc.
Swiss experience may tempt others tracing their impact, and then with more modest confidence-currency paper, especially the dollar after the catch of its bad reputation, the return of the gold standard in addition to thinking seriously about a new global currency-denominated precious metal, developments – on the whole – leading to the gold glitter paints a lot of the features of the global monetary system, and the economic landscape in the twenty-century atheist not only at the global level, but also through the experiences of a national – and possibly regional – emulate the Swiss model!