Germany will not give up its gold reserves


Said German Economy Minister Philippe Ruizlr today could not be jeopardized Germany’s gold reserves at the Central Bank so to add his voice to the voices of opposition to the ideathat it was discussed at the summit of the Group of Twenty to use the reserves in promotingthe plan to rescue the euro area.

And that he should not prejudice the German gold reserves. Ruizlr headed Liberal Democrats, a junior partner in the ruling coalition of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The German Central Bank (Bundesbank), and a spokesman for Merkel said at the weekend, they also rule out the idea of ​​using gold reserves of the country.

According to German media that the Group of Twenty summit in Cannes, discussed the use of reserves of central banks, including foreign exchange and gold to increase contributionsin facilitating the financial stability of the European more than 15 billion euros