G 20 major economic may discus Gold price

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

G 20 major economic may discus Gold price, because of their awareness that Gold price considered as a global indicator for the economical conditions faced the world.

An announcement from a senior official person in the Canadian finance minister, announced that finance minsters and Central Banks conservatives will discus the asset price in their summit in Washington this week, but he announced that the decline of Gold price not a major subject on their agenda.

He announced that one of the Subject on their Agenda is the financial crisis in Cyprus and one of the Solutions that Cyprus will discuss is to sell some of its gold reserver, the Issue which will lead them to discuss global Gold price and the idea of gold demand and supply in way, they will try to return the balance for the global economy, and i think as a personal point of view they wil discus gold price because it is one of the factor that could return balance for the global economy.