Find Gold in your Backyard

Gold Nuggets

The physical gold demand and the decreasing supply from gold mines along with high prices of gold in the local markets of the emerging economies created a modern-age gold rush. Some bargain-hunt physical gold or recycle their gold and some go and look for gold in possible gold nuggets scatter near their hometowns. For those who look for gold nuggets, here are some tips:

Metal Detectors

Whenever the idea of gold-nugget-hunting sparks in mind, you need some device to discover it. What’s better than a good metal detector? Any metal detector would suffice, but successful gold nugget hunters use devices designed specifically to find gold.

Don’t forget to test your metal detector before taking it. Testing inside buildings isn’t always accurate. Ask the dealer to test it for you and instruct you on how it works.

Buy detectors with highest frequency available, as they find the smallest amount of gold nuggets. Don’t be shy to ask questions till you get a sufficient answer.

Get a decent comfortable earphone as you will wear at a lot during your hunt. You will lose 80% of your chances to find gold if you didn’t have one. Coil cover is a must if you are taking the nugget hunting seriously, it protects your detector and lengthen the life your detector.

Areas to Look for Nuggets

Now that I have a gold detector, shall I use it on the streets? Of course not! Ask yourself where does gold nuggets might be? First, determine a large area to search for your nuggets. Do some research about the area’s history with gold, see if it is possible to have gold nuggets or not. Ask yourself, are there old mines there? How mineralized the soil is? It would be one of two probabilities, either a desert or a mountain.

Either way, bed-rocks and cracks are very common places to find gold nuggets. Also old rivers and springs have a decent quantity of gold, remember that it’s a dense metal that precipitate near the center of the dried rivers, or the banks.

Deserts are an excellent choice for beginners, but there is no need to take a trip in a desert especially to sharpen you gold-hunting skills. The key of finding gold is to find where the others have found.

Mining companies are simply finding gold in mass production prospective. While for individuals, every gram counts. It might be not fiscal for them to operate in areas near to your hometown. But it would be profitable for individuals.