Financial Analyst: US-Iran confrontation raise oil prices and the dollar


Said Joseph Trevezany, senior financial analyst with the “World Wide Markets,” which is the International Company specialized in trading in the currency markets, stocks and oil, and economic expert, that the outbreak of military confrontation between the United States and Iran, will work to raise global oil prices, as well as currency Green – the U.S. dollar – which helps to exacerbate the global financial crisis, the double, which includes U.S. and European debt.

And reduced Tzvezany, during a seminar entitled “U.S. dollar between recovery and fear and hope”, in the framework of the exhibition and the conference’s sixth investment in the capital markets, “Trend”, which opened its activities this afternoon, Wednesday, the importance of the affected U.S. oil crisis and affected supplies due to high prices, if the outbreak of military confrontation with Iran, owing to their large stocks of petroleum, and the diversity of sources of short supply of oil.

In another context, he said, senior financial analyst, with the “World Wide Markets” and the economist, that the solutions to the European debt crisis afflicting the euro area in particular Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland, expensive and up-to abandon the European unity, and the “euro” After 10 years of deal in that currency.