Famed American Gold Coins: Gold Eagle vs. Gold Buffalo

American Eagle and American Buffalo Gold Coins

The American gold Eagle and the American gold buffalo are one of the most well-known bullion coins among investors in the United States.

The American Gold Buffalo coins were first minted in 2006 under Public Law 109-145 while The American Gold Eagle coins were first minted in 1986 under the gold bullion act of 1985.

These two coins the “American Gold Buffalo” and the “American Gold Eagle” individually are given the Secretary of the Capital consultant to mint two fifty dollar gold coins, one containing 99.99 percent pure gold and the other one containing 1 troy oz. of “fine gold”.

Does this mean that the dissimilarity between the Gold Buffalo and the Gold Eagle is that the Gold Buffalo contains more gold?

Indeed, 1oz version of the American Gold Eagle contains one oz troy of gold plus the copper used to make the coin tougher, but the answer is No.

On the contrary, American Buffalo’s does not contain the copper of the Gold Eagle it contains 1 troy oz.of gold.

The idea behind minting Gold Eagles in addition to Gold Buffalos was to contest with other 24 karat gold bullion coins on the market.

So the question here is what are the modifications between both?

The American Gold Buffalo is made of 24 karat gold; on the other hand the American Gold Eagle is made of 22 karat gold. Equally coins the element gold 1 troy oz. of Au.

The American Gold Buffalo was designed to compete with other 24 karat gold coins, and The American Gold Eagle was designed subsequently after further recent gold coins.

On the other hand, the Gold Buffalo is much easygoing and should be controlled with great care to better reserve its numismatic value.