Expectations of higher gold prices

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Expected to see gold hit a new beginning of today global marketsMonday at the start of trading week, global stock markets and its impact on local markets.

expected to see global markets state ofthe rise in the price of gold, in the case of profit-taking situation, which started since the end of last week and the desire to correct the pathafter a period of slump in terms of gold prices have seen the end of trading last week, up $ 53 dollars an ounce on the international level inthe local market has seen a rise of 8.5 per gram.

the price of a gram 21 carat stood at 267.5 pounds, and in waiting for the start of trading week, pointing out that this phase is a good opportunity for investors to rush to buy gold to make money when you re-sell it again after the rise in prices in the coming days, indicatingthat it is expected that continue to rise until the middle of next week’s transactions, and then settle at levels.