Expect higher gold prices and global currency

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Launched the U.S. Federal Reserve (central bank) quantitative easing plan 3EQ yesterday, and thus acknowledged Chairman Ben Bernanke this round of reserve cash management, under which pledged to pump $ 40 billion per month for the purchase of distressed mortgage debt originally.

Said economics professor Amin Abu Aichhan this expansionary monetary policy of the Central Bank U.S. aims to reduce interest rates in the medium term and to facilitate borrowing and reduce costs for the U.S. economy and increase employment levels that pointed to decline for the month of August / August for up to 96 thousand new jobs, the lowest rate since 2011.

The Abu Eisha that the application and the revival of this policy requires primarily to enter the Feds buyer defaulting corporate bonds and real estate specifically part of a monthly program of 40 billion U.S. dollars is a specific deadline indefinitely.

And is expected to continue and the weakness of the U.S. dollar against the various currencies, specifically gold, which set a record 1778 dollars an ounce simultaneous with the start of trading him in the Asian markets yesterday, and who has not achieved since February 29 last year.

He guessed that the demand for the yellow metal in the coming weeks to reach an ounce to expectations target a psychological barrier $ 1800 per ounce on the grounds that gold is the hedging instrument and the safe haven and the most profitable for investors, and the Central American needs to cover when the application monthly policy stimulus quantification.

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