European markets rise with the approach of the opening session in the beginning of the week

Gold price could rebound after Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank speech

With the approach of the opening session beginning of the week for the European market, has seen signs European shares rise in its dealings futures after a week of losses incurred, taking into account that the global market contemplating that the U.S. Federal will be forced soon to launch an incentive program a third, especially after witnessing the world’s largest economy the wheel of a slowdown in recovery from the worst expectations in the first quarter of this year.
Given the agenda of key data, published today on the major world economies are focused on those related to the U.S. economy, which is expected to experience levels of income and personal spending rose during the month of March / March, which could boost trading investors with the passage of the session, but we must not forget that investors are waiting for the issuance of the first reading of the Spanish GDP for the first quarter, which is expected to shrink Tzer worst reading of the fourth quarter.
In view of the euro, we find that rose with the beginning of the week from the lowest level interface since the beginning of the Asian session at 1.3228 dollars to currently trading at levels of 1.3247 dollars on the chart for one day, compared with the opening at 1.3235 dollars, knowing that the pair euro / dollar touched its highest level during the day and even now at 1.3263 dollars.
As for the pound sterling, rose is one of the pair is trading the pound sterling against the U.S. dollar at levels of 1.6280 dollars, compared with the opening at 1.6270 dollars, knowing that the husband touched its highest level during the day at 1.6288 dollars, its lowest level during the day and even now when 1.6262 dollars.
This has seen gold on the other hand trading within tight ranges of trading the moment of preparation of the report at 1664.51 dollars an ounce, compared to opening levels at 1662.03 dollars an ounce, and this is the case with crude oil as well, which returned to the circulation near the opening levels, which amounted to 104.92 dollars a barrel to trade at 103.97 dollars , knowing that the crude oil touched its lowest level during the day so far at 104.65 dollars.
Since the stock market the European index rose French CAC 40 in his dealings futures by about 0.34% to reach levels of 3227.50 points, while the index for the German DAX during the trading before the opening to the levels of 6849.00 points, up by about 0.60%, and finally climbed the FTSE 100 British dealings in futures rose 0.30% to levels up to 5758.00 points.