Europe receives more profound crisis on 2012


Exacerbated the crisis in Europe with the near advent of the new year 2012, showed signs yesterday to deepen the wounds of the entity the European more, While paralyzed full traffic in Belgium due to strikes in the public sector to protest the changes in retirement laws in light of actions taken by the government there to prevent the widening scope of the crisis , confirmed the data from the Danish government a considerable decline in growth due to the repercussions of the global economy and the decline in consumption.

On the other side of the French Parliament approved the budget next year that include a reduction in expenditure and an increase in taxes in the context of multi-billion-euro austerity measures adopted by the government. While a survey showed consumer confidence in the European economy in the month of December in light of the current fears of recession and unemployment.

Consumer confidence

The European Commission said that issued the survey data that the consumer confidence index in the euro area, which includes 17 countries of the European Union, fell to minus 21.2 points this month, compared to minus 20.4 points last November. And exceed expectations index fell where experts expect the index fell to minus 21 points. With the unemployment rate to 10.3%, the euro area now stands at the highest level of unemployment since the launch of the single European currency (Euro) 13 years ago. The consumer confidence index fell in the EU as a whole (27 countries) to minus 9.21 points, compared to minus 20.7 points last month.