Debt defective shrinking global market gains

Confirmed the developments in global equity markets last week that the debt remains a major concern for equity investors, falling stock markets European, Asian and U.S. many times after the news of the Greek debt talks stalled.

On the other side were corporate profits also of the major engines of the markets, which closed with indicators of U.S. stock major New York Stock Exchange on the variation, was paid by the business results quarterly good for my company, “IBM” and “Microsoft” shares to rise, while the fallen technology stocks other influenced by the results of the company “Google” disappointing quarterly.

Explicit support

On Thursday, U.S. stocks closed higher for a third day in a row has received support after the Bank of America and Morgan Stanley profit decline with strong concerns about the debt of the euro zone after strong demand in the European bond auctions.

U.S. stocks rose Wednesday to its highest level since July on Wednesday as the International Monetary Fund seeks to help countries affected by the European debt crisis shattered while better results are expected to Goldman Sachs some concerns about the banks’ profits. In Europe, European shares ended the fifth week in a row on the rise with the improved outlook for the global economy and by the feelings of optimism that Greece will avoid defaulting on insolvency.

Shares in banks rebounded and the value of the euro, which tumbled 38 percent last year due to concerns about its holdings of sovereign debt by 7.4 percent after strong demand in bond auctions, French and Spanish, a sign of confidence in the governments of the region’s ability to refinance its debt.

Apple shares

Shares in Apple traded heavily after it said that its market value after trading the shares hit $ 400 billion, to add this new record to record the financial make it the company’s higher-value at the level of technological industries in the world, exceeding this level of public revenue to many countries around the the world, especially Greece.

According to the network, “CNN,” U.S. to share “Apple” had witnessed the turnout heavy in early trading bourses U.S. Thursday, to exceed $ 431 during the first hours, before returning with the end of the session to close after a slight decline in gains due to profit taking.

With this result, it is the company’s second-largest market value in the stock market the U.S., behind the “Exxon” oil worth more than $ 420 billion, while the nearest competitors to the “Apple” is the Chinese oil company, “PetroChina”, worth $ 270 billion, and then”Microsoft”, worth $ 235 billion.

The network said that to know the real impact of the value of “Apple” market, it is sufficient to note that it exceeds the gross national product for the large countries, especially Greece, Austria and South Africa, Argentina, in addition to product (GDP) for Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria combined.

Despite the apparent magnitude, but the “Apple” is still able to achieve great leaps, as is expected to indicate the annual financial results during the upcoming days that sales rose by 45% in 2011 compared to the results of 2010.

Greece talks

Negotiations between Greece and its donors on the credit swap agreement in Athens yesterday without reaching an agreement. An official source at the Ministry of Finance, Charles Dallara said that the Greek Director, International Institute of Finance (ie. Any. F), which represents about 450 financial institution, suddenly left the meeting on his way to Paris. A report by the Greek television that the negotiations for barter credits defective will be completed mostly by telephone from the French capital if necessary.

The state sinking in debt struggling to complete the deal by Monday; to ensure receiving a second support of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund before the maturity date of bonds worth 14.5 billion euros $ 18.5 billion on the twentieth of March.

The European Union and the International Monetary Fund announced earlier that Athens will not get the aid package new unless agreed points of special grants from the bondholders Greek to write off 50% of book value of debt securities of Greece in return for cash payments and new bonds with longer maturities. According to news reports that the Greek progress has been made at the level of credit swap deal between the government and the defective points of special grants.

However, differences remained between the two sides on the interest rate bonds will be issued new calls for Greece, where holders of bonds with an average interest rate of 4.25% while insisting Greece and the euro zone and the International Monetary Fund to 3%.

The International Institute of Finance said in a statement issued after the talks, the first on Friday: “The factors of private sector participation is voluntary unprecedented completed.”He added: It’s time to move decisively to seize the opportunity and the completion of this historic agreement and contribute to the reconstruction of the Greek economy and the euro zone and the global economy as a whole to the stability of a second.

Seeks Athens to write off a hundred billion euros of the total debt of $ 350 billion, by inviting donors to reduce the book value of their debts, leading to the release of the rescue package the second $ 130 billion euros, as well as rescue package a second worth 110 billion euros agreed by Greece with the European Union European and International Monetary Fund in 2010.