«Davos» face the complex tasks

The truth for decision makers involved in Davos, in the fact that all the necessary decisions and actions become more difficult and complicated, it’s hard to take. And still the same problems, which tried to solve in previous years, at a standstill, while others such as Greece are in danger of imminent again. It may be disturbing reminder of the participants in the Forum this year that during the Davos Forum in 2010 pledged to policy makers that they will not allow the failure to resolve the problem of Greece. It is unfortunate that during the past three years have been taken only simple solutions.

Has resulted in policies such as lowering interest rates and bail out the banks from collapse, and the policy of quantitative easing and share the full, to throw everything at the problem, but still things are very scary with the high rate of unemployment and slower growth in the U.S., a recession is imminent in the euro area.

And make all these facts Davos 2012 is different from past years that followed the crisis. In 2009, the problem was at its peak, and there was a sense of urgency to what can be done.By 2010, the greater the sovereign debt crisis, and the appeal “must do something.” Even in the past year, there was still hope to avoid confrontation-oriented risk. 13 summit of European and many low-after categories, all of which have come to nothing,

Mabaka of the Davos Forum 2012 is the slow realization of more pain in the future, therefore, under this scenario, the participants will come to the forum to talk and work a little and have no other options. Vusera in the financial world, who will participate in the forum, know that governments pushed their budgets to the greatest extent; are working to reduce spending.

And should the European countries that suffer from classification of economic diluted to worry about how to finance the stabilization fund of the European financial to form a wall to protect a good each from Italy and Spain, away from talk about the controversies large waiting negotiators who put the finishing touches on the Charter’s financial euro area with respect to the deficit and debt.

And participate in the Forum governors of central banks, and they know that they run the presses banknotes they are worried about inflation. The so-called quantitative easing and full share of reserves and low, all factors that lead to printing banknotes to maintain continuity.

As for who came to participate in order to raise social issues such as alleviating poverty, disease and despair, they will find people who agree with them while Aigmon little.Perhaps the biggest noise in Davos comes from outside the conference center, the protesters “occupied Davos” who lived in temporary snow houses.