Corporate results continue to support the global markets

Barclays: the global economy on the road to recovery despite the continuing risk

Continued global equity markets performed well yesterday taking advantage of the optimism that you have added the results of companies but the continuing political uncertainty in the euro area and the uneven performance in the financial sector led the gains. And while the major indexes in Europe and Japan recorded the New York Stock Exchange is relatively stable after its response to the local U.S. data less cause for optimism.

In the metals markets, currencies, gold prices rose towards $ 1,650 an ounce in Europe and prices derived support from the dollar fell to its lowest level in three weeks against the euro as the dollar came under pressure because of low interest rates. Volkswagen shares rose to 134 euros in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, up 6.2% after rise in profits significantly.

European shares

European stocks derived support from a series of strong results for businesses and the FTSEurofirst 300 index of leading European shares 0.1% to 1043.24 points. The results exceeded expectations boosted shares of oil companies and some auto companies.

Said Gerhard Schwarz, head of equities at Deutsche Bank initiated if there are concerns – concerns about the economic and political – but it is expected for the time being to be the impetus given by the results of companies to compensate workers in the global economy. Across Europe, the Financial Times index of 100 was 0.3% and France’s CAC 40 0.1% while Germany’s DAX index settled.

Share prices have jumped to the German company Volkswagen cars after the rise in profits in the first quarter of this year by 86%, prompting shares the largest producer of cars in Europe to rise by 6%.The net profit increased by 86% to reach 3.2 billion euros, or $ 4.2 billion after that and continued sales growth in China.

Tokyo markets

And Japanese stocks ended the dealings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange because of the remarkable stability of the negative impact of the appreciation of the yen. The benchmark Nikkei index rose by 0.82 points, equivalent to 0.01% to reach 9561.83 points. At the same time rose broader Topix index by 0.61 points or by 0.08% to 810.1 points.But shares of some companies dependent on exports fell. Shares of Canon camera equipment Corp. 2.24% and shares of Komatsu construction equipment by 1.4% and Nissan Motor Corp. shares for cars increased by 1.07%.

The Dow Jones index on Wall Street, the U.S. has risen by 0.69% yesterday after the remarks of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernanke for the Council’s willingness to pump any money needed for the U.S. economy to continue to grow if necessary.

Gold and currency

Spot gold rose 0.3% to 1648.84 dollars an ounce, while gold futures rose 7.60 U.S. dollars for delivery in June to an ounce of $ 1649.90.Gold and has the support of the weak dollar makes commodities denominated it cheaper for holders of other currencies.

Increased spot price for silver of 0.3% to 30.77 dollars per ounce. And platinum rose 0.7% to 1556.49 dollars per ounce palladium also increased 0.7%, recording 662.25 dollars per ounce. The euro hit a three-week at 1.3234 dollars with a shrinking margin between the bond yield, Spanish, Italian, French and German counterparts, but that market concerns about the debt crisis of the euro area is still ongoing.The dollar fell 0.2% against the Japanese currency to 81.16 yen.

The Canadian dollar continued to rise after the central bank abandoned the Canadian bias to facilitate the monetary and the U.S. dollar fell to 0.9821 Canadian dollars. The New Zealand dollar settled at 0.8170 dollars after falling earlier in the session after it said Central Bank governor Alan Bollard said the local currency is still high despite a drop in commodity prices in recent times and warned that this will affect monetary policy in the future.

Study: Companies have the lift capacity assessment

According to a report, “Deloitte” What’s new “feature of skilled leadership in the market value of companies” that analysts assess the skills of the senior leadership of the company contribute to the stock prices. According to the report, the proportion of market analysts who said the quality of leadership has played a role in the evaluation process and reached to 15.7% for lead actor in particular, while it declined by 19.8% for the opposite opinion. Thus, the difference between the value of a company with good leadership and the value of a company with the leadership of the most vulnerable may reach more than 35.5%.

The report points out that analysts are seeking to the presence of three basic components to assess the strength of the institution of leadership is the strategic clarity of what the institution needs to be completed and successful implementation to achieve the objectives in addition to a culture of innovation and commitment of the institution environment incubator of ideas.

The report is based on the study of the most important market analyst at the global level and concludes that the quality of senior leadership, including the technical capabilities as well as personal qualities such as integrity and honesty have a direct and measurable impact on ratings analysts to assess whether companies have made a success and will continue its success in the future.

Margo and Tom says, the competent partner in human capital consultancy Deloitte: We wanted to put in this research quantitatively measure the effectiveness of the leadership, in order to help companies understand the impact of leadership on performance and value in the market. Moreover, this report also highlights the method of measuring concrete with a real impact on the value of shares of enterprises in the long run, in the hope that this will lead to the development vision of binding the active leadership in the future.

According to the report, the most important elements of success of any organization in the long term lies in the clear and inspiring vision for reaching the goal you want, in addition to the resources, capacity, and the rush to get to it and achieve it. So are the need to culture that supports new ideas and embrace a strong sense of belonging and meaningful work. Note that these conditions had not been taken incidentally: Actors leaders worked to be entered at the heart of the company, a move appreciated by all analysts