Corporate earnings lifted shares of Europe and America

Euro retreats influenced by the possibility of European rate cut

Global markets were mixed yesterday while stock exchanges benefited Europe and America with a strong results for major companies stocks fell on the Tokyo Stock Exchange because of disappointment and frustration that hit investors of the Japanese central bank’s plan, announced by the face of a recession.

Said Thorsten technical analyst Jerish at Commerzbank: In the short term going through a stop in line with the general trend. Eventually evolve trend to rise and the end of the year we expect to test new highs indicators. He added: peak levels more robust now and certainly that 2013 will be the quality of 2012.

Europe markets

European shares continued trading in a narrow range for the swirling FTSEurofirst 300 index near its highest level in 22 months, while helped him some good business results on the rise. At one stage trading index rose major European companies 1.34 points, or 0.1% to 1166.83 point of direction of a rally of U.S. stocks late previous transactions.

And supported by the results are reassuring IT companies like Google and any. Me. Um. Issued shares, Novartis gains his rise 2.7% after the company announced that it expects sales growth in the mid-double digits from 2014. But the pan movement did not exceed the scope of the third ten points since January while not get out of the German DAX Index and the Euro Stoxx 50 index of leading shares in the euro zone within forty points.

For DAX This means high levels not seen since 2008, an increase of about four percent from current levels, but Euro Stoxx 50 will find it difficult to return to the heights of 2010 because of the large weight heavily indebted to banks on the index, and their exposure to the region’s debt crisis.

Across Europe, Financial Times index rose 100 was up 0.3%, while Germany’s DAX index rose 0.1% and France’s CAC 40 0.2%.

Sharp decline

Japanese stocks recorded a sharp decline. The Nikkei index fell by 222.94 points, or 20.8% to 10486.99 points. At the same time dropped the broader Topix index by 13.36 points, or 1.48% to 887.79 points.

America shares

Stocks led banks and commodity index S & P 500 to a new record closing level in five years in the previous session, supported by hopes of continued recovery in the global economy. The Dow Jones industrial average DJI 62.43 points, or 0.46%, to 13712.13 points. The S & P rose 500 broader 6.52 points or 0.44% to 1492.50 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index IXIC technology 8.47 points, or 0.27%, to 3144.18 points.

Corporate profits

The impact of corporate profits and clear on the global markets. The company announced Google Internet services to increase revenue during the fourth quarter of last year rose 36% to 14.42 billion dollars compared to the same period of last year. Net profit rose Google from 2.71 billion dollars to 2.89 billion dollars, an increase of 7% from the fourth quarter of 2011.

12% decline in profits Siemens

Siemens profit fell giant German engineering and electronics industries 12% to reach 1.214 billion euros, 1.6152 billion dollars. And new orders fell by 3% to $ 19.141 billion euros.

The company said it adheres to its prospects for the current fiscal year the entire despite a drop in profits and lower orders during the first quarter. Analysts had expected net profit to fall to 1.12 billion euros from 1.38 billion in the same period of 2011. The executive director of the company Peter Loescher: the center of a mysterious economic situation, we have made a strong start in fiscal year 2013. He explained: For the rest of the year, do not expect any favorable winds of the global economy to help us achieve our ambitious goals.

The first quarter revenues rose by 1.5% to 18.128 billion euros thanks to demand from emerging economies prominent in the world. For the entire fiscal year, Siemens said that the outlook for the group remains fixed have not changed. Siemens expects that range from full-year earnings of between 4.5 to 5 billion euros. Munich (dpa)

Microsoft is considering buying shares of Dell

Confirmed news reports that U.S. computer software empire Microsoft is considering partnering with one of the investment companies to buy shares of Dell computer industry.

This news comes a week after the release of reports on the entry Michael Dell, founder and chairman of Dell in negotiations with the investment firm Silver Lake to sell shares Dell offered for trading on the Stock Exchange of between 13 and 14 dollars, which is what makes the market value of the company about $ 24 billion.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is considering an investment of about two billion dollars in the deal and that it would depend on banks for funding. It is expected that Michael Dell also puts the bulk of his shares in the company as equity.

The Dell at one time the largest producer of personal computer in the world, but its market share declined steadily in recent years with the emergence of new competitive devices such as the Tablet PC and smartphones.