China recent company of ETF

Huaan company for Assets management putting a target to attract extra $400 Million USD Funds. The plan of Huaan company based on the drop of prices, which will attract the investors.

Gold ETF in china and globally recorded a huge decline ended the rally of the last 12 years. Physical gold attracted a lot of investors in China, so ETF low price could attract a lot of investors.

The precious metal did not lose its attraction as the heaven in China most of the chinese investors like to buy the yellow metal, when it reaches the bottom of the declining level.

ETF delivery had a fall by 31% to reach $1,921.15 USD/ Ounce, since September 2011 through April 15. During this year, ETF delivery fell 17% to reach the level of $1,391.22 USD/ Ounce today. Shanghai exchange traded at 277.39 yuan a gram.