«Central» U.S. prepares for a new round of economic stimulus

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Seen commodity markets tangible improvement is the greatest during more than four months, as a reaction to expectations Judge in the possibility that the United States provide more monetary stimulus, and that along with more additional steps to support the process of economic recovery and growth in the country.

The price of gold including more than 3% during the past week, bringing the price of ingot to 1.675 U.S. dollars, which caused the emergence of some of the fears of the new and on levels of inflation, as the rise in commodity prices, which coincided with the potential to provide more incentives in the market that would raises the levels of inflation.

It should be noted that the performance of gold this week came similar to his performance during the previous week, rising to its highest level since beyond four months, depending on market expectations that the Fed to provide more incentives to promote the process of economic growth, the price rose alloy gold from 1616USD/troy an ounce of gold  with the beginning of the week, for up to 1675 U.S.D/troy an ounce of gold on Thursday, to close at 1671 USD/troy an ounce of gold .