Central Banks around the world are all moving into gold. They are doing it quietly.

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

can we ask ourselves a simple question why Central Banks around the global are tending to buy gold?, why Central Banks starts to decline its reserver of the US dollar?.

the answer is very simple and it starts by the 2000 year financial crisis, in 2000 the global world faced one of the most hardest global crisis all over the years in which central banks around the global record a huge lose, a decline in the economic growth all over the world especially for the developing countries but it also reflected on Canada, UK and Australia in which the global demands on Gold metal as the safe heaven, especially after a lot of currencies lost its buying power, but in 2000 the most dominated currency was the US dollar but the myth starts to change.

2003 it was the beginning of the change, by the beginning of the US financial crisis in 2003 and the increasing rates of inflation in US for a new rate US government starts to depend on the reserver of gold USA is the highest country all over the gold that saves gold, US monetary inflation starts to control over the debt crisis then followed by the real states problem and lose of billions.

Now a days US dollar you can not depend on it as a safe reserver but, what control the Currency value? one of the most important thing that control the value of any country currency the gold saved in its central bank, for this is the main reason of buying gold it could be the safe heaven during the next expected financial crisis which could face the world due to the weakens of the Euro zone especially after the problems facing spain, Greece and Portugal.