Burn Gold and Flick It in an Ashtray


Shine Rolling Papers are created with pure 24 Karat gold leaf and when flicked in the ashes some flakes within the ashtray. Packs of twelve sheets are sold for $55 to $60 each.

gold smoking papers

The rolling papers are alleged to be used for “legal smoking herbs.” Shiny 24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers are simply what its name suggests, cigarette paper lined with edible gold foil. The 12-sheet packs are sold for $55 on Shine’s web site and $60 on Amazon.

Shine Papers owner Dave D., who refused to provide a last name, told ABC News “It’s definitely not an everyday product because of the price point,” he additionally said “But the people who feel like they are that person are showing a lot of support for it and returning to reorder.”

The rolling papers designed with 24 karat gold leaf. The shiny rolling paper has seen many fans from the hip hop community, the fans review was “the best and easiest roll and smoke I’ve had”.

gold rolling paper


The product’s Amazon page came with a disclaimer that the 24-karat rolling papers are not for tobacco but “legal smoking herbs.” At the same time, the company’s customer comments and social media pages put forward that they are being used with other substances.

Whereas edible gold leaf is usually considered fit for human consumption, it goes through the digestive system without getting engaged with the body, the question could be “is smoking it causes any extra harm?” Yet gold can’t be any worse than any hidden substance in “legal smoking herbs.”