Burgan Bank and a range of jewelry companies, announces its participation at the World Gold

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Burgan Bank has announced its sponsorship of gold and jewelry exhibition, organized by Global Kuwait International Fair Company on the International Fair Ground in Musharraf in its tenth session, and is held under the auspices and participation of about 77 companies, local and global jewelry.
The head of marketing at Burgan Bank Hanin Al-Rumaihi said in a statement on this occasion that this participation Burgan Bank’s fifth respectively in the course of gold and jewelry world, believing in the importance of the event in economic terms and its ability to attract a wide range of members of the community.
She added that the exhibition has a good reputation in terms of turnout, as revealed previous sessions of the exhibition on its ability to attract large numbers of participants from inside and outside Kuwait, and accept his activities on the thousands of visitors from citizens and residents throughout the period of his stay.
The nostalgia-Rumaihi that the participation of Burgan Bank in this event is an opportunity in front of the bank to offer its visitors all the support services, for the success of the exhibition and to facilitate the purchasing process for visitors through the provision of services Ironing Forum and contribute to cooperation with the General Administration of Customs in the process of customs collection.
«Abdul Latif Mahmeed»
For his part, Director General of Mahmeed Jewellery Abdullatif Mahmeed Fair International Gold & Jewelry exhibitions of excellence in Kuwait and the turnout, pointing at the level of the region, asserting that what earns this exhibition important is the significant participation by local and international companies, as well as the large number of visitors who come to the fair every year. praised Mahmeed level of organization and broad participation by the official government, led by General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other agencies that contribute to the success of the show and he left the picture that appears in each year, until he became the show one of the most important exhibitions in the region.
The Director General Jewelry Acacia Faisal Ali has said part of his company’s eagerness to participate in this exhibition, describing the exhibition as one of the best fairs organized in Kuwait, which attract a large segment of citizens and residents seeking new and unique in the world of gold and jewelry.
He pointed to that of gold luster special continues over time, indicating that the appetite for gold has not stopped despite the continuing rise in world prices, because people used to buy gold and sell it when the need levels of the current prices the same, expecting at the same time to receive the current session of the exhibition is catching on.
He pointed out that most visitors are looking for shows gold diamond pieces, in the sense that the demand for diamonds in gold shows now is the most dominant, which is revealed in previous gold shows the internal and external.