Britain would block a European tax on financial transactions

Group of 20 defuse 'currency war'

British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday that he is entitled to proceed to France alone in imposing a tax on financial transactions, but Britain will prevent the imposition of tax on the level of Europe as a whole.

Cameron said in an interview with the BBC (my. Me. C): If the French wanted to move themselves forward in imposing a tax on transactions in their own country they have the absolute freedom to do so.

He added: The idea of ​​a new European tax will not apply at a time when such tax in the other places I do not think it is reasonable and will stop her.

He continued, unless otherwise agreed by the whole world at the same time on all of us to impose a tax, we will not go forward.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy pledged on Friday to go in imposing a new tax known as the Tobin tax on financial transactions even without France’s partners in the European Union and the British in the face of severe opposition.

Salaries of employees of companies

The other hand, quoted British Prime Minister David Cameron said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, that the salaries of corporate officers must be approved by a vote of shareholders, as part of efforts to reduce the growing inequality.

Became the salaries of senior executives growing source of concern to all political parties in Britain in the light of public anger from the widening gap between rich and poor.

The British saw the salaries of most modest increases over the past few years, while officials continued the largest companies in obtaining large increases even in the weak performance of share prices.

The British also suffered from high prices and unemployment and government austerity measures to reduce a record budget deficit.

It is expected to issue a Minister of Business and the British government in Venice cable results of consultations on the salaries of the heads of companies later this month, including the powers of shareholders.

Plans for reform

Cameron pre-empted the report and draw an outline of his plans for reform of granting shareholders more power to influence the issue of salaries.

Cameron was quoted as saying on the newspaper’s Web site late Saturday night, let’s give shareholders the power through a direct vote on the salaries of senior officials.