Brent crude was down .. Gold settle at 1606 USD/troy an ounce

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Prices for Brent crude heading to $ 108 a barrel on Monday, after having given rise in prices experienced in recent times, some investors an opportunity to sell their possession for profit, while being followed up further information in search for clues about the health of the global economy and the future of oil demand .

Oil prices jumped on Friday due to improved employment data in the United States and talk about the stimulus measures on the part of the euro area to support growth, and also resulted in decline in the North Sea due to maintenance operations and lower exports of Iran because of tightening Western sanctions to help prices in spite of the possibility of the resumption of oil exports Sudanese crude reached soon after Sudan and South Sudan agreement on oil transit fees.

Brent crude fell 47 cents to 47.108 dollars a barrel, after jumping nearly 3 percent on Friday. U.S. crude fell 23 cents to 17.91 dollars after rising nearly 5% in the previous session.

On the other hand, determines the price of gold today at 1606.75 dollars per ounce, after he had arrived to 1602.00 dollars. The price of gold at the previous close in New York of $ 1603.00 an ounce.