Beware: Fake Gold in Saudi Arabia!

saudi arab gold

Warned dealers and sellers of gold accredited Mecca, the most important city in Saudi Arabia, residents and visitors who want to buy gold from adulterated, and Scams and manipulation, especially in the absence of stamp approved private seller for SEC goldsmiths, as well as manipulation of the standard proportion of gold inside in the manufacture of these artifacts and gold ornaments, and make sure weight in gold when you put it on the balance.

Pointing out that the price of gold is currently seen a rise with the value of an ounce gold compared to last year, though, the percentage of sales increased private crafts for children, which are popular in the sale of bracelets hand and “Bnajer”, in addition to artifacts on the family, such as crews gold and gifts which is distributed Kaaadiat between family members.

At first Vice President of the Board of Directors of Ghani house gold jewelry Mecca Engineer Abdul Ghani jeweler “home”, to the present days of the feast, witnessing presence distinctive in the sale of gold jewelry and diamonds, noting that his group supports the idea of ​​”Made in Makkah”, where they are when manufacturing jewelry golden add the word “made ​​in Makkah” for gold jewelry that is manufactured, noting that customers Tnoawa what the people of Mecca and visitors of the pilgrims.