Beijing is optimistic about the future of the euro

Euro offset part of its losses against the dollar and Japanese yen

Expressed China Investment Corporation – sovereign wealth fund of the country, the lack of optimism about the future of the euro zone debt crisis, but would consider increasing its investments in the region if countries created a more favorable environment for investment.

Said Jesse Wang, executive vice president of the company: Europe needs more time to increase revenues out of the financial crisis.

He said during a forum in southern Hainan Sanya carrot yesterday: I think that the outlook for the debt crisis does not give cause for optimism so far.

He continued: investing heavily in European countries and if possible to heavily indebted countries and the European Union provide a more favorable investment environment .. I think that we can invest more effectively in the future.

The Fund was established in 2007 and sovereign size of 382 billion dollars and its mission to achieve high returns from high-risk investments, depending on the part of China’s vast reserves of hard currency, which is the largest in the world and is estimated at $ 3.29 trillion.