Barclays: the global economy on the road to recovery despite the continuing risk

Barclays: the global economy on the road to recovery despite the continuing risk

Barclays Bank yesterday issued its report for the month of January 2013, which is titled “Compass,” which is one of the most important reports in the field of wealth management research and investment. He stressed that the global economy is on the road to recovery Although Atemrar no risk.

The report goes to the investors who are still facing many uncertainties in 2013, which includes resolving “financial abyss” in America and the ongoing euro crisis and rebalancing of the Chinese economy. And is believed by regional strategists at Barclays should put Governor investors in unifying theme, especially as the outlook for the global economy for riskier assets are gradually improving, but slowly.

Said Kevin Gardiner, head investment strategy for Europe, Middle East and Africa for wealth management and investment in Barclays: “As the cloud begins to rise in 2013, we continue to favor equities and credit high-yielding, and recommend sites cash smaller than usual, particularly government bonds. Nor do we expect any of the major governments in 2013 that fail to pay their obligations, but we still see that bonds look very expensive. ”

Small and medium-sized stocks

Although the beginning of the year loud, the chance of investors in 2013 seem convincing. Gardiner recommends investors focus on small and medium-sized stocks for private U.S. companies and profits are growing rapidly. With the availability of a supportive environment, including the current measures of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan, investors should increase the proportion of developed market equities in their portfolios.

It is likely that the euro zone economy remains the Mottagaasa 2013 with the continuing impact of the uncertainty surrounding the single currency, the performance of business and consumer confidence, particularly in countries with strict fiscal austerity.

Asian economies

He concluded Gardiner said: “Although the fortunes immediate Asian economies continue if the tides which Atqazvha D global economy, remain story overall growth in the region in a good position. Also intensified China, India and Indonesia efforts to restructure their economies in order to shift from investment expansion led to consumer-driven growth model.