Australian Gold Market, ABX Global


The first evolution of the ABX Global perspective was conceived by Thomas Coughlin (CEO), in 2009 effectively meet growing demand in the Australian investment industry for a real gold investment facility. Currently, financial instability ruled your day with investor confidence for traditional asset classes down and recognition assets increasing for safe-haven investment. Physical gold was gaining significant popularity in the investment sphere and an exclusive wealth solution was required.

In mid-2010, the plan was formally documented, and your choice was later made to verify the Australian Bullion Exchange effectively meet the demand from the Australian private wealth management and stockbroking industries.

The Australian Bullion Exchange was originally founded to get in touch a network of financial institutions throughout Australia wishing to assign physical gold for their client portfolios. The Exchange was to give you a standardized quality assured organization that allowed Members simply and efficiently deal physical gold bullion situated in vaults around Australia. A dynamic trading platform was made especially for the wealth management industry, giving authority for a portfolio manager or broker to lead and trade gold bullion within ABX’s safe vaulting facilities in just a few clicks.

While venturing overseas to document physical liquidity providers to maintain the Australian market, it became apparent that Australian institutions weren’t single-handedly in requiring an efficient physical gold bullion trading solution. The concept of ABX started gaining traction globally, and from this position, it certainly was realized revolutionary efficiency to international gold bullion trade would be given by an international standardized physical gold bullion spot market with locational trading hubs. ABX would decentralize wholesale gold bullion trading from London and normalize it over the world. Global trading hubs would be the actual locational price of physical gold bullion liquidity, promoting local and arbitrage physical settlement.

The first Australian vision had expanded into a worldwide one; as a result, it certainly re-branded “ABX Global” for Australian Bullion Exchange.

ABX has gained the support and commitment from the world’s largest and most influential organizations in the commodity, finance and exchange industries.