At Airport Mumbai Two Kilograms of Gold Seized from a Passenger


(Times of India) – Two kilograms of gold seized by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of Mumbai customs worth around Rs 52 lakh (around $84,500) from a passenger in a flight from Dubai on Sunday. (According to sources)

Arif Abdullah, a passenger who apparently obsessed with the yellow metal, walked through the green channel, yet only those passengers with nothing to proclaim are thought to do so. (According to AIU Sources) Those who have belongings to affirm are supposed to take the red channel.

The team led by AIU assistant commissioner Rishi Yadav intercepted Abdullah, a resident of Kerala, after he walked through the green channel. An exhaustive leaping of Abdullah led to the seizure of the gold hidden in the pockets of his trousers. Sources quoted “We have seized gold bars worth around Rs 52 lakh and have recorded his statement. We still have to find out if there are others involved in this racket,”