Asian market recover pushed gold price down

Gold and money

The Asian market had recorded unexpected improvement, to recover from the last week losses. In which the Japanese stock market recorded a rise by 0.3%, to reach its highest level since last September. Another unexpected rise for the Asian market but this time from china, in which the MSCI China Benchmark Index rose by 3.5%.

This unexpected improvement in the Asian stock markets affecting the flow of money in the Asian market. In which investors headed to the Asian stock markets while neglecting the gold market. The direct issue caused the decline of gold price by 0.50% to reach the level of $1384.50 USD/ Ounce of gold.

The Federal meeting will sets the next trading level of the gold. If the Federal data is going to be negative data, we will watch a rise in the gold price. In the case of positive data about the end of quantitive easing, it is expected to watch a decline in the gold price and a massive increase in the U.S stock market. A direct money flow will head to U.S stock market from all over the world in the case of positive data.