Asian market declined gold price loses


The precious metal started to decline its lose today. By the beginning of the Asian trading, we are watching a gaining profit process in the Asian market, the issue which support the yellow metal to decrease its loses. Most of The investors are demonstrated by fears from the Fed results today.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index declined by 1.2 percent to 20,966.89 while South Korea’s KOSPI index loses 0.9 percent to reach 1,884.03. Most of the sale in the Asian market was from the foreign investors, due to the pressure on the market before the Fed results.

Gold price had some money flow today after it recorded yesterday a decline by 1.41% while today the most important event, is the loss decline to 0.04% to reach the level of 1367.80 USD/ Ounce.

The fluctuate of gold price could be ended today after the Fed committee results because we will be aware by the next trend of gold. According to an expectation from some investors by the end of the Assets program, it is expected that the gold price is going to decline. Another point of view that USA can not end the Assets program today according to the second expectation we are going to watch a rise and race to buy the precious metal again.