Asian market continue to rise pushing gold down


The Asian market today continues to rise for the second consecutive day. The rise in the Asian market was pushed by Toyota motor company, which recorded a rise by 1.8%. Sony shares recorded the highest rise in a day by 4.4%. In an over look on the Asian market, we can get that the Asian shares rose leads by Japan. In which the Japanese stock leaded the rise in Asia by the decline of the Yen for the second day in a row.

The Asian market trading today was away from the gold market. In which investors neglected the gold market, and made their money flow toward the stock market for the second day.

The Asian stock market ended the declining sessions, which continued for the last month. The issue which made an extra pressure over the gold market, for sure we can not forget the main pressure on the gold price. The pig issue for gold price today is the Fed meeting session, which we are waiting for its results tomorrow. Negative data from the Fed meeting is the only hope for the precious metal to rise back again.