Arab spring countries change their money to Gold

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

A large proportion of expatriate Arabs, who saw, or witness the movement of their Arab spring replacing their countries’ currencies with gold.

The source said the Tunisians, Egyptians, Yemenis in general, and the Syrians in particular, rushed to buy gold bullion is made ​​to preserve thevalue of their money.

He pointed out that this trend is striking due, according to someexpatriates, that their country’s currency is stable and some are moving towards the unknown, he said, adding that the Syrians are the mostpurchase.

He said the turnout mixed between the owners of high-income, medium and low, so that gold bullion is busy to meet the needs of all income groups, indicating that this step in practice positive especially that of the Syrian pound has seen a collapse significantly to its value in recent times, compared to the dollar, which exceeded the value of the 110Syrian pounds on the black market.

He said that most expatriate Syrians had taken refuge in this step under the pressure of an uncertain future in their local currency, which staredup like the other countries of the Arab spring, in addition to the difficulty of converting their money to their home countries because of the conditions that prevent the government transfer payments, but the limitsare tightened.