Apple stunned the bond market and Gold price decline for the second day

Apple company, Behind Gold price decline for the second day

Gold price continue to decline for the second day, in which most investors veer their way and headed to buy the US stocks, while we are Stunned by Apple company Bond which shake the Global economy, even by the US dollar decline we watch Gold Price continue to decline, gold price recorded in the spot market at May 02, 2013 06:29 NY Time $ 1454.16 USD/Ounce of gold, after Apple bond and heading of investors to buy it.

Apple Company behind the decline of Gold price for the Second day.

After some announcement from Apple company ( The American Dragon) that, Apple will do only one big deal this year the issue which lead to a support of this bargain. Apple bonds worth $ 17 billion,  it will be raises in the market on 6 steps not as one bulk, but Apple brand Surprise US by a denominated orders for more than $ 50 billion,  by the  afternoon session yesterday in New York, which is a huge level of demand even under the conditions of the current recovery in the bond market. the issue which lead investors to buy Apple bond instead of gold yesterday and this wave continue in the early trading session of today.

Apple bond is more trusted than Gold

the investors turnout to buy Apple bond instead of gold in today and yesterday session, because of Apple compony is the only computer company its records is empty from any debts at all, so the investors rush to buy Apple bond instead of Gold, gold price watch a lot of Fluctuate in the market and some time gold did not had the ability to be a cause in profit for investors, but Apple bond on the long term investment it did not record a lose except once the issue which lead apple to came to the market by the huge deal to raise money for the ambitious program will come with a yield $ 100 billion in cash to shareholders of Apple.

Apple bonds worth 17 billion dollars to exceed the largest previous offering, according to data from . AFP. R. subsidiary of Thomson Reuters is issuing bonds worth $ 14.7 billion raised by “Abbott Laboratories” in November last year. Apple bonds looks to be the safe investment for a lot of investors today, and i think that i agree with them.

The revenue share for Apple rose during the first quarter of this year increased by 11% to reach 43.6 billion dollars, compared to revenues from the same quarter of the last year 2012, which amounted to 39.2 billion dollars, but the net income of the company fell 18% to $ 9.5 billion, comparing to gold we can say Apple is the safe heaven.