Apple shares lost 11% and lead the decline in European markets

Apple company, Behind Gold price decline for the second day

Apple shares lost  11% for lead-year decline in European markets yesterday. And raised weaker-than-expected numbers from Apple worries about technology sector earnings, offsetting the impact of strong economic data from China. Apple said it sold a record number of devices iPhone and iPad during the fourth quarter of last year.

But profit has had only a slight change to reach $ 13.1 billion for the same quarter of 2011. Revenue rose 18% to reach a record 54.4 billion dollars, but it was below analysts’ estimates.

Europe markets

At one stage trading FTSEurofirst 300 index fell for the European blue-chip stocks 3.58 points, or 0.3%, to 1164.07 points. And the cursor moves in the range of 10 points since the close of the highest levels in two years in early 2013, where traders fluctuates between macroeconomic developments and corporate news.

And prompted concerns about the European index of companies lower after Apple announced the largest technology company in the world weaker-than-expected revenues for the third quarter in a row. The technology sector index fell 0.3% as shares fell any. RIM. Designs chips used in many electronic products Apple 1.7%, while Nokia fell for the manufacture of mobile phones 1%.

Javed said Afsar, a trader at Sakyorikoata: Apple expectations negatively affect sentiment in the technology sector and the market in general. He added: seem an exaggeration to buy in all the key indicators and any correction in the short term will be considered as a buying opportunity, but in the long term trend is still bullish.

Across Europe, the decline in both FTSE 100 British and the French CAC 40 0.1%, while Germany’s DAX index fell 0.3%.

Apple profits

The non profit growth due to high manufacturing costs and put the new model of the iPhone 5 devices and any iPad is small in size and modified Mac computers before buying season at Christmas. And increased sales of smartphones to 47.8 million units compared to 37 million units in the same period a year ago.

While PC sales rose to 22.9 million tablet device in the three-month period ending in December compared to 15.4 million a year ago. The company’s shares fell to $ 463 in trading after the formal meeting to erase about $ 50 billion of its market value, which is approximately equal to the value of Hewlett-Packard and Dell combined.

Contrast expectations

The expectations in the days leading up to the announcement of weak results because of the news about the possibility to cut some component suppliers in Asia production, sparking fears of slowing demand for iPhone – which is half of Apple’s revenues – and any iPad.

But analysts said some investors cling to hope to repeat the past, which saw historically superior. Apple expects revenue between $ 41 billion and 43 billion in the current quarter is the second quarter of the fiscal year, while Wall Street expects, on average more than $ 45 billion.

Toshiba shares

Toshiba jumped 4.11% to reach 380 yen 4.26 dollars at the end of the Tokyo Stock Exchange trading to push the Nikkei to rise 1.3%. The Toshiba shares rise after it announced a joint venture with the U.S. General Electric to develop and sell fuel power generation equipment Carboniferous.

The companies said in a statement that under the agreement will explore Toshiba and GE ways to form a strategic joint venture to develop the next generation of power plants projects that are running the combined cycle with higher levels of thermal efficiency.

Also contributed to the improvement in the Nikkei strong Chinese data supported the shares of companies with significant exposure to the second largest economy in the world. The Nikkei was closed for shares of major Japanese companies rose 1.3% to 10620.87 points, rebounding above the level of 10,600 points after hitting its lowest close in three weeks the first Wednesday in the third session of decline in a row. The Topix index rose broader 1.1% to close at 897.62 points.

 Portuguese bond auction

Portugal achieved a successful return to capital markets to sell government bonds for five years at about 2.5 billion euros. The value subtraction of two billion euros to 2.5 billion dollars thanks to strong demand, which is five times the value of the IPO. The most demand came from outside investors.

The yield on the bonds is less than 5%, according to Jose Maria Riciarda of “me. E.. Feed. Any bank”, who took part in organizing the offering. The first auction is for long-term bonds posed Portugal since the submission of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rescue package for the country worth 78 billion euros in 2011. Portugal was initially planning to return to the markets later this year.

However, analysts believe that encouraging development for the shorter term bonds and expectations that the European Union would agree to give them a longer period to repay their loans and their success in meeting the budget deficit Bmsthdvat encouraged to return early to the markets.