‘Apple’ developing a new computer in the form of a hand watch and exposed to attack

Apple company, Behind Gold price decline for the second day

Apple is currently developing a new computer in the form of a hand watch works connected with other electronic devices produced by Apple. Apple has been under great pressure to create a new device accompanied by the tremendous success of previous electronic organs such as the iPad and any iPhone. This comes as Apple announced last week that it had been attacked by spyware targeted a number of regimes Limited within the company.

New Device in progress

The news agency  Bloomberg News reported that, Hundreds of workers at Apple are developing now a computer can be worn, is likely to find this device compete fiercely contested by the glasses, Google equipped computer suite displays before the eyes of the user information appears on the screen minutes installed in glass glasses .

It is expected to adopt hour Apple initially on Bluetooth technology to share information remotely to connect to the Tablet PC or smart phone user, it is possible to become “computer time” technique standing with low price from the rest of Apple’s products, and help the U.S. company in the acquisition of greater market share in emerging markets.

Different tasks spread

And computers wearable already exist in the market for some time, where lead different tasks, including a raised Nike’s hardware sports can measure activities that are vital for the body as well as another device called “Pebble” is an hour that can connect smartphone to transfer information and data received by the and displayed on the phone screen time.

Serious attack on Apple company

In a statement e-mailed to Apple quoted by the magazine “Computer World” U.S. attack hacked Vulnerability in Java programs related company Apple browsers. The statement added: there are no indications of any theft of data from Apple, and we are working closely with law enforcement authorities to get to the source of these harmful programs. The Apple isolating infected systems from the main network.

Spyware infiltrated to Apple through a special website set of software developers. Apple plans to launch a special program to run Mac survey and get rid of malicious programs, as Oracle has introduced a software update package for a Java program for the treatment of vulnerability.