Analysis of gold prices today

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

The gold market is driven by continued light during a session on Wednesday, with traders waiting for the results of the European Union summit in future meetings. In the meantime, we expect very little from this market, where many believe that participation in this market before the poll on the outcome of the summit meeting where the risk is very large. Market expectations are low, and as a result could very well be surprised Europeans and impose an initial hasty reaction to this market.

However, we feel that we are still within the scope of the promotion between $ 1640 and 1540 $. There are many different scenarios that can affect the gold market. If Europeans began easing out quickly, should decrease the value of the dollar against gold. However, there is the possibility to become the last trading gold as a safe if resulting from Summit Meeting anything.

Of course, expectations will be low, where the European Union summit meeting of 19 former since the financial crisis. In fact the market risk associated with buying assets in an attempt to stand up to the summit, they get disappointed every time. In the end, the gatherings are the chances of selling simple, all said and done. Thus we believe that caution on the market at the moment. Palmzer forward, we believe that the closure on Friday, will explain the whole story. For this reason we will not deliberate in the gold market into the close on Friday, in fact, how the end of the week will be considered as the only rule for the next Tdaullacna.

We believe that the gold market will get another attempt. At the end, many of the world’s central banks will be facilitation in the near future and this is what will make gold more attractive to move forward, especially for traders in places like Europe. The last ten years were upward of gold, and there is not much to indicate that change is imminent. Of course, if our plans to close the day down $ 1500 level, then we are ready to change the mental and sell gold at this point.