Analysis of gold prices today – July 5, 2012

Gold markets fell down some very light volume on Wednesday, following the exit of the Americans to holiday celebrations of Independence Day. Because of the lack of size we can not take any step depending on the seriousness of the past 24 hours. However, we have witnessed a huge rush in the value of markets and the price of gold over the past week or so, and this is something we can not ignore.

We need to the price of $ 1650 to maintain the daily closing price so that we can continue in this market. As for the sale, we consider that the candle for a week in this range, but we are not enthusiastic on the subject, and the trend is definitely upward for the long term. And a lot of people reckon this point, but in fact did not reach gold only a little under $ 300 per ounce 11 years ago.

Following Ajtmat various central banks this week, there is a strong probability that the damage of “quantitative easing”. The Bank of Japan will inevitably facilitation, and it seems the European Central Bank the status of good, as seems to be the Bank of England increases the purchase of the British Coatings. All these cases lead to more facilities, but the Federal Reserve Board is a body hindered. Based on the number of jobs for the day Friday, will Evsralsouk the next step of the reserve in accordance with the recent statements of President expressed concern employment situation in the United States. And if the numbers are low, then quantitative easing will be implied, and gold markets will begin to climb.

However, in the case of an easing in many central banks, gold will rise. If you have the ability to trade these goods in other currencies, it is desirable to proceed in this course. Gold would be more attractive in the spectra of the euro. It is clear, and with great chaos in the European Union, scoring gold gain significantly against the euro. The only thing that can hinder this market in particular, will be the responsibility of Bama was or there was no improvement in the process of buying the U.S. dollar.

We are ready to go in the path of this market to move to 1800 $, if the daily closing above $ 1650. As for the sale, we simply will not do it until we get to the level of $ 1500 dollars