Analysis of gold prices today – July 3, 2012

The price of gold rose by 0.5% on Tuesday, after the global manufacturing data revived hopes for the weak, for more of the facilities of central banks to support recovery.

The gold price boom in the abundance of ammunition and financial Musthabh with low interest rates, which increases Trkabbat inflation and the benefits of alloys which are seen as a way to save against rising prices. Industries reduced the United States in June for the first time three years ago, following a series of European and Asian data which claimed that echo the debt crisis in the euro area frequented throughout the global economy.

“You can be considered as opportunities for improvement in the indicator of quantitative easing,” as named Dominique Schneider, an analyst at UBS Wealth Management in Singapore. It also warned that this does not mean that quantitative easing is going to come any time soon, given the fact that the Fed has extended the “barter credit”, which includes selling securities short term for the purchase of securities, long-term, maintaining low costs of borrowing for the long term.

He added, “It is not likely to see a great addition after prosecuting the continuation of credit, unless you dropped everything. And remember, when everything fell in 2008, and then fell with the price of gold.”

The price of gold rose by 0.5% to reach at $ 1,605.36 an ounce at 06:26 GMT. It also acquired the U.S. price of gold futures contract in August, they rose by 0.5% to $ 1,606.00.

Payroll – non-farm thereof, of the utmost importance, come on time on Friday, and we expected him to be shed light on the labor market situation in the tops of the global economy, and will be scrutinized by investors eager to predict the next move of the Council of the Federal Reserve in the United States.