Analysis of gold prices today – July 10, 2012

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

The gold market was cycle very quiet during the day Monday, while it was not already a catalyst to push the market towards a particular direction. Market is still stuck in the area between the level of unified and $ 1640 $ 1540 level. As long as we are located in this region, there will be settings are only short-term, and therefore do not want to take any large positions at this stage.

In this environment, it is clear that you can be an effective selling at $ 1640 and buy the $ 1540. However, there is the ability of gold to break the level dramatically based on the headlines, while the trading strategy that this perfectly acceptable, it is advisable to take a smaller position than usual. Even when out of the assembly, it is advisable not to place any great deals in this market.