America imposed sanctions on Iranian bank state-owned


Imposed on the government of President Barack Obama on Monday, sanctions on third-largest bank in Tehran for allegedly helping Iran develop its nuclear program.

Now, any foreign company to deal with the Bank Tejarat Iranian state-owned branch of his bank want to Capital, based in Belarus, will not be able to access the U.S. financial system.

U.S. Undersecretary of the Treasury David Cohen said in a statement, said that the sanctions “will emphasize Iran’s isolation and increase the financial hardship access to hard currency and weaken further Iran’s ability to finance its nuclear program is illegal.”

And the prohibition of the European Union on Monday, and oil imports from Iran, and followed the lead of the United States in imposing sanctions on its Central Bank, which acts as clearing house for the country’s revenue from oil exports.

Said a senior official in the Treasury he was optimistic that Europe will also be blacklisted Bank Tejarat which there has about 2000 branches in Iran, as well as its branches in France and Tajikistan.

The Bank Tejarat punished for providing financial services to companies shipping lines of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and other entities sanctioned for their links to Iran’s nuclear program.

Cohen said the move “a blow to one of the few remaining entrances to Iran to the international financial system,” The United States imposed sanctions on 23 companies with links to Iran, which now includes a list of all major banks owned by the state.

Washington has accused Bank Tejarat also be supported indirect activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The United States is seeking to implement the sanctions, which was signed by President Barack Obama last year, and aims to prevent countries and institutions to deal with Iran’s Central Bank.

The aim is to deprive Iran of the revenue you need in its program to acquire nuclear weapons, and without spoiling the volatile oil markets and obstructing the recovery of the U.S. economy, and the senior U.S. official said, “We expect a significant reduction in exports of Iran.”

He did not want to mention an estimate of the quantity of such exports, but said the Obama administration expects Iran to find it difficult to obtain proceeds from the sale of oil, which can be applied when the sanctions are fully implemented.