All You Need To Know About Chinese Gold Panda Coins

2013 Panda Coin

There is a recent gold rush in China and demand surge in gold coins in general. The American eagle coins made a sales record high last month. Another popular gold coins are the Panda Gold Coins.

The Chinese giant started to mint gold bullion coins starting 1982 till today. They started with 1/10 oz., ¼ oz., ½ oz. and the 1 ounce 24 karats gold bullion coins with no face values. Then in 1983, they introduced 1/20oz.  These panda gold coins have face values ranging from 5 to 100 Yuan.

The Chinese mint changes the panda design on the gold coins each year, except for 2001 and 2002 designs were the same. Also, in 2001, they changed the face values to range from 20 to 500 Yuan.

These are all Brilliant Uncirculated grade coins. While proof grade gold panda coins are now minted 1 kg and 5 oz. 0.999 purity gold. The proof gold coins started in 1986, and continues till today.

The panda coins might not be as popular as the American eagle bullion gold coins. But as far as I’m concerned, they have brilliant designs and verity for collectors. It might take the lights from the American eagle gold coin in few years. Unless the American government takes back its place the largest Purchasing Power, the pandas will dominate.