Airbus: manufacturing defects responsible for the A380 wing cracks

Source: (agencies)
Date: January 28, 2012

Attributed to the European Airbus aircraft industry the emergence of cracks in the wings of her plane A380 superjumbo to defects in design and manufacturing, but said it reached a simple solution to the problem calms the fears of analysts who fear that the problem chasing the European aircraft maker.

The cost of aircraft development 12 billion euros in Britain, France, Germany and Spain.Airbus has sold 253 long-range planes worth $ 390 million of the plane.

There are 68 aircraft now in service. In the context of the implications associated with the crisis, said Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways, said his company will delay receipt of aircraft of this type, but he expressed confidence in Airbus to be able to address the cracks.

Last year, the country has doubled the number of A380 aircraft that have requested to buy 10 aircraft. And European safety authorities ordered last week to conduct urgent checks to about a third of the giant passenger plane fleet after the discovery of two types of cracks in a part of the wing.

Defining the problem

In unusually frank comments, said Tom Williams, executive vice president for programs at Airbus said the company determined how to repair cracks in a limited number of parts in the wings of A380, a problem that had prompted the European air safety authorities to order an examination last week.

Williams said: A380, flying safely. Williams went to Dublin to make an unscheduled speech at a conference of the aviation industry to calm fears about safety. Williams said that the engineers ruled out a stress of metals in the body of the new aircraft that entered service for the first time in 2007.

More examples

She Airbus and Singapore Airlines report that the monitoring of more examples of the cracks during the inspection are required. Airbus was quick to support the trust with the sequential monitoring of cracks in the components used in the fusion of the outer part of the main wing of its structure.

The company attributed the occurrence of cracks in three defects is to choose the designers of aluminum metal for about 4 thousand pillar inside the wings and use some type of damage occurs with metal rivets and a very small gaps adds more stress on some parts. The engineers were initially unsure of the reason which caused cracks in the wings, but the initial micro-cracks led to the discovery of a more serious type, some up to two inches long in the central part of the wing.

European pressure

The spokesman Dominique delegations European Aviation Safety Authority has called for examination of Airbus A-380. He said two dozen aircraft to be examined eight of them had more than 1800 flights so far in 4 days at the latest, and the remaining twelve aircraft within six weeks.

He added: urgent checks on six aircraft from Singapore Airlines and two lines of the UAE.Between aircraft and the remaining twelve lines of a plane belonging to Air France plane and a pilot for Airbus itself. The European Commission recommended last week to be tested after the discovery of new cracks on the wings of the giant aircraft.

Said a source familiar with the matter said earlier that the thirty aircraft between 67 aircraft A-380 aircraft in service. The plane Airbus A-380 is among the largest passenger aircraft in the world and in the forefront of Airbus models for air transport.

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