“Advanced Global Trading”: turning increasingly from investors of gold to market carbon credits

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, recalling Charles Stevenson, director of the “Advanced Global Trading,” the leader in carbon trading, which is based in Dubai, is that gold investors are turning increasingly to invest in the market for carbon credits in their portfolios.
The investors may have relied on gold as a safe haven during the debt crisis that swept the world last year, pushing gold prices to reach record rate is the highest in its history up to 1,920 dollars an ounce by the end of 2011. However, gold is traded as a commodity more this year, moving in the opposite direction of the U.S. dollar. Continues despite the weak performance of gold prices rebound slightly during the first week of June because of the dollar fell against a basket of major currencies, which urged investors to buy for the price of the precious metal is $ 1,600 per ounce compared to 1,540 dollars in May 2012.

Stevenson noted to the resort of large numbers of investors during the first quarter of 2012 to pull away from the gold Astthmarthm in favor of investment in the market for carbon credits in their portfolios.

Said Stevenson in this regard: “We have seen a marked increase in the number of customers who have resorted to open accounts for them in ‘Advanced Global Trading’, having traded investment gold declining to invest in the market for carbon credits, due in large part to the benefits earned by all investors have which of up to 38% in 18 months. News has walked these proceeds to spread among customers within the vicinity of their friends, their families and their colleagues, which led to the generation of a large number of new accounts weekly through our existing customers. ”
The gold has been reduced to a large extent from the record levels recorded last year, and there is growing doubt about the fate of its market during the next phase, while the carbon credits are in contrast to the mechanisms of supply and demand vary and are not linked to the rest of the other financial markets. And signed gold – which has long been considered a safe investment bet – a victim of the strong waves of selling the assets of the risk at a time when political unrest threatens to Greece to reach the stage of insolvency and out of the confines of the European Union.

The Stevenson: “We have a huge amount of customers who have reduced or sold their investments in gold to invest more in the market for carbon credits, with the knowledge that the average value of the opening balance between our customers amounted to 36 thousand U.S. dollars, while the average value of the total balance to $ 150 thousand, A large number of customers who arrived in the size of their investments in the market for carbon credits to U.S. $ 5 million. ”
And went on Stevenson said: “stayed the demand in the market for carbon credits thriving with an asylum many companies to commit to reducing their carbon emissions, such as” Unilever “and” Microsoft “and the team,” Lotus “Formula 1, which kept the prices on the rise growing. And expect to achieve revenues ranging rate of between 20-25% for the year 2012 based on the proportion of 8.6% since the beginning of the year to date, achieved by our investors and most of our customers who have seen a positive return from the market; Perhaps many of those who have entered this market with caution initially had taken refuge now is to increase the size of their investments in to a large extent. ”

The company “General Motors” was announced in November 2010 about plans to sell $ 40 million worth of carbon credits over a period ranging between 3-5 years, which has had a positive effect is clear on the size of demand and prices in the market; as the prices of carbon resulting from the voluntary reductions of emissions by 3% with a low supply in the market.

Said Stevenson: “Gold prices fell by more than 15% in recent months, so it was natural that investors are looking for goods other alternative. Has increased the confidence of investors in carbon credits has grown substantially since we launched recently the first application of interactive devices iPhone allows customers to follow up their investments in market carbon credits wherever they are, which in turn provided the opportunity for financial advisers overseeing their accounts. ”

The “Advanced Global Trading” has recently become the first official partner neutral carbon to the team cars to Lotus Formula 1, also participated in the competition, the final award “the best investment a sustainable” during the ceremony “awards international Green 2011. The” Advanced Global Trading, “one of the world the leader in trading carbon emission reduction credits outside the framework of the exchange. and distributed the company’s offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with plans to open new branches throughout the Persian Gulf, and employs more than 140 rolling in 10 offices around the world.

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