Adorn Your Hair With Famed Indian Jewelry

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Since ancient times; India has been popular for two things one, for being its love for gold jewelry While Indian traditional jewelry has already won the hearts of millions with its extravagant designs and colorful, intricate artwork, some jewelry is not as famous as their counterparts and the second various aromatic spices in food, which tingle the taste buds.

The most famous thing in the Indian jewelry is the tikka it’s worn on the forehead. The tikka is used to Decorating temple dancers and brides in the southern parts of India; this decoration is usually worn by every woman in the North, regardless of her age.

The Indian tikka collection is as miscellaneous as the country, where it was born. In the Southern parts of India the tikkas used are flamboyant with sparkling diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies, forming a 18K pure yellow gold of an elaborate pattern.

They cover nearly the whole forehead and are often paired with decorative head pins of the matching design on the nearby edges of the head.

The tikka look perfect on traditional clothes when paired with a gold necklace, which contains precious stones.

In the north, the tikkas are light in weight and modest. They fall exactly on the parted center of your hair in a neat way. Exaggerated with, kundan, precious stones and pearls, these tikkas can be worn out daily.

The jhoomar is Similar to a tikka s Worn on sideways. It’s elegant with pearls sprinkled on yellow or white gold and fine sparkling precious stones. This jewelry was used only by the women of royal heritage, but at the present time it is a common wedding decoration worn by Muslim women.

The Indian woman loves beauty and always seeks for new ways to show their gorgeousness.