$ 64 gold’s gains last week

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

Gold gains amounted of $ 64 last week. The price of gold to 1746 dollars, the price hit on Friday, in 1762 USD/Troy an ounce, but he declined in later today recorded 1748  USD/Troy an ounce. The height of the yellow metal in the spot market by investors seeking a hedge against inflation amid expectations that the ECB will be forced sooner or later to boost liquidity on a large scale to alleviate the debt crisis in Europe. And encourages speculators to buy after it took 6 banks major central coordinated steps to prevent the euro zone debt crisis from causing a global economic slowdown.

And the market seems more positive, and more important and less sustainable. May bring next week’s meeting of European politicians, on December 9, more clarity, and the possibility of moving toward a currency union, which would be welcomed by markets. The declaration by European central banks still are some concerns from the minds of investors, specifically the fear of deflation in the U.S. liquidity. And that would have a negative impact on gold, and the displacement of this fear would be good for the few remaining weeks of 2011. The report predicted that gold continues to march on the 1800 and more.


The price of silver to $ 32.55, up $ 1.35 during the week. Has ranged in price between the broad scope of the $ 30 low of $ 33.65 and higher on Friday. According to those activities that are currently short-term investors, and that no investment strategy homogenous. It is pleased that the silver cohesion continues well above the level of $ 30, maybe you should wait until the beginning of the first quarter of 2012 before the arrival of a longer term investments to the market.


Price of $ 1545, up $ 21 this week, regaining its health after falling earlier in the week. This positive shift in the position of the metal failed to change the fortunes of platinum in the levels of support away from the public. This is what can be described Bamahaad, and still at risk of relegation ..


The price of palladium this week, 638 dollars, up $ 74. Has done well during the last week.And the view of some diesel engines in the automotive industry looks promising, and will be the palladium is the biggest beneficiary of this development. Has been broken some levels of resistance, and this positive development may continue until the end of 2011. He was to announce the collaboration between some of the world’s leading central banks to create a development the president in sentiment towards palladium.