5 Easy Steps To Melt Gold

melting gold at home

Melting gold at home is very easy, and can be very useful; you can reshape the gold to whatever piece you need from a small gold coin to huge gold bullion or even gold jewelry, so it all up to your needs, but the question here is how can you melt gold at home?

The important thing when you melt your gold is to get hold of the proper equipment, and use it safely.

First of all get your scrap gold material and Make sure you’re functioning with real pure gold.

Then Place in a container or a pot. You need a container that won’t melt before the gold does since gold melts at almost 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and when you choose the suitable one put it in a fireproof area.

3rd step Use an acetylene torch. Scatter a slight boric acid powder or Mb formula for better results and developed gold yield.

Point the flame at the gold until it starts to melt and then add another scattering of boric acid and wait until the gold is completely liquid.

While you’re doing this process be sure not to wear loose and flammable clothes because it will cause a huge problem. You have to be aware, all what you need is to wear welder’s goggles.

4th step Use crucible forceps wisely pour the molten gold into block mold or any other shape it’s all up to you.

The mold must be made from parallel material as the crucible. Or, put it in a container of water if making gold shot.

Finally, wait for the gold piece to cool down completely before handling.