4.4% global gold reserves in Algeria

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

Revealed the World Gold Council that Algeria has 4.4% of the World Gold reserves are classified in the center of the world 22.

According to the latest report issued by the Council for the month of July published Saturday, that Algeria has 173.6 tons of pure gold as a reserve.
Algeria and maintained for 20 years, the reserves of gold did not resort to the sale of part of it, unlike some Arab countries, ranked in the first rank such as Lebanon and the Arab Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Libya.
The report pointed to the survival of the United States as the most important State of the owner of an enormous reserve of gold increased by 8133.5 tons, followed by Germany with 3396.3 tons, 2451.8 tons to Italy, and France to 2435.4 tons, 1054.1 tons to China, and Switzerland to 1040.1 tons.
And Algeria ranked third in rank after the Arab Saudi Arabia, which has the largest reserves of gold Arab world and 14, a reserve of $ 339.6 tons total, Lebanon ranked second among Arab and 16 reserves of the world amounted to 286.8 tons.
It is estimated gold reserves in Algeria, certainly more than 100 tons, are stationed in the region of Tamanrasset Bmndjema Tirak Omsmisa and in the far southern Sahara.
The National Oil Company (Sonatrach) gold exploration operations in the south of the country, and has to bring the first gold bar in 2008 an average of 5 tons per year.