3 Reasons to Purchase A Gold Bar

buying gold bar

There are few sure investments in today’s economy. Earlier, real estate was the best form of investment. However, at the present days, values and housing rates are dropping along with the stock market despite latest figures.

This leaves precious metals and gold as the only sure investment left. No matter how you look at it, gold price was one of the few assets that kept its value during hard times and prosperous ones.

Gold is a stable and reliable as well as liquid investment. These new potentials make it valuable even during worst economic times and most prosperous ones. Now, the first step of investing in gold is to buy it.

That is why it is essential for potential investors to know why and how, no?

Gold bars are one way to save a large amount of money safely. It takes up tiny room, stackable, and can costs fewer dollars depending on their weight. Moreover, gold bars are second handed by central banks for preserving wealth as well as great investors for trading. So, no need to worry about “demand” when reselling them.

First, before you begin to buy a gold bar, you should consider the different sizes of gold bars, where to buy gold bars and finally the ease of liquidity and hallmark recognition.

Generally, people purchase gold bars from different types of dealers. Though, it is wise for anyone to do some research and look for the top deals and safer sources in the market. This is the simplest way to be able to make the most out of the investment. Buying gold with more dollars than its supposed to be or being scammed is not a good way for investment.

Gold bars come in different weights and sizes. They are sold as small as per 1/4 ounce, or even per gram. However, it could weigh as big as 10 kilograms or even 400 oz gold bars. Commonly, the 1 ounce and the 500 gram bars are precious metals best sellers. They are considered mid-tier gold bars with the right balance between affordability and profitability.

It is more profitable to invest in large gold bars, that is for dealers charge a premium on each gold bar. Moreover, the cost for making small gold bars makes it unprofitable to both customers and dealers alike. However, not all of us can afford the 1 ounce bar which costs roughly $1,500. So, buying small gold bars end up costing more unless there is no other way around it.

The main reason behind the decision in buying gold in particular is being able to sell it later with no problems. Liquidity is an essential aspect with any investment especially gold bars. Being able to settle a position in gold should be easy and quick to do. If you want to buy gold now, you can do it, and the other way around if you want to sell it.

Now for being safe, gold as any other investment attracts scammers. So, as a gold investor, you will need to obtain gold bars minted from an established, trusted, famous suppliers. No one likes to send away his money waiting for the arrival of a gold shipment that never does. Therefore, double-checking suppliers and finding out there reputation is as essential as making up your mind to invest in gold in the first place. It’s not new, but it doesn’t hurt to remember not to purchase gold bars from suppliers that are not established or well known. Doing so risks the danger of being helpless to sell your gold bar at a reasonable price or worse yet, receiving a counterfeit bar.

To sum up, there are quite a few reasons to invest in gold bars rather than mining stocks or jewelries, if you had already made up your mind in investing in precious metals. It’s not as volatile as stocks, nor the risks of failing to re-sell jewelry. In other words, even banks save money as gold bars reserves. I don’t know, but banks won’t risk it if its not worth yet, yes? It’s safe, liquid and easy to trade.