24K Gold Cupcake Is It Too Expensive To Eat?

24k gold cupcake

We’ve heard about Luxury Jets and their Billionaire Owners, 50 Rare Rolex Daytonas to be auctioned and The Sandcastle Mansion That Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Rent but have you ever heard about a 24 carat gold leaf cupcake?

Cupcake with 24 Carat Gold Leaf, Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Fine, you can with a cupcake, partially if you are seeking for a fancy treat and you have a bit of a sweet tooth and about £769 pounds to spare, then you should definitely luxury yourself to one of the most exclusive cupcakes ever made.

That’s true; a cupcake costing a whopping £769 pounds has been produced right in London during National Cupcake Week, which was presented in part by the Food Network UK.

It’s the world’s most luxurious cupcake worth a delightful £768.85 ($1,227.7)

Wrapped in 24 carat appetizing gold leaf, the cake, has been flavored with Hawaiian AA tea, contains a peach and chocolate center and champagne jam.

Its butter cream comes diversified with luxury wine Chateau Yquem and is enclosed in a sugar drizzling and chocolate fondant made from Charbonnel et Walker chocolate.

To top it off, is an extraordinary bird, perched on a flourishing twig. Nobody knows about taste, but this luxurious, exclusive cupcake definitely gets top score on presentation. The cupcake comes with its own security guard.