2013 Best 5 Gold Stocks


Investing in gold can be a profitable stock market strategy, because gold rises in value due to a continuous demand. It’s essential to understand the factors that affect gold’s value and forms in which gold stock can be purchased.

Here are 2013 best 5 gold stocks:

1-Sabina Gold & Silver

This year Sabina’s property claims a surprisingly high average gold grade of 5.6 grams per ton through an indicated resource of 4.2 million gold ounces.

2-Pilot Gold

Pilot Gold is a must own stock for gold investors. After selling Fronteer Gold with its tactical Extended Canyon asset in Nevada for $2.3 billion to Newmont Mining, the pilots have landed on the gold yet again.

3- Goldcorp

For gold investors looking to navigate the definitely rough seas of the gold mining industry, I can consider of no greater anchor than Goldcorp.

4- Eldorado Gold

Eldorado Gold has inclusive prominent growth profile that goals a massive 158% expansion of annual gold production over the following four years. Increasing from a superior corrupt this time around, it’s reasonable to expect some significant challenges along the way for such an aggressive growth trajectory.

5- Primero Mining

Succeeding a grand 162% improvement, Primero the greatest gold stock in the world some 15 months ago, it positions to motive that the stock would slide back little spots from its previous position at the top of 2012 list.